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The Gut Transformation/IBS Programme

A proven natural approach to improve your Digestive Health Problems.

You don’t have to live with your uncomfortable Bloating or IBS any further.

Irritable Bowel is one of the most common problems that we see at The IBS Clinic. Symptoms of Irritable Bowel (ibs):

  • Food Intolerances
  • Bloating and Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea and/or constipation

  • Fatigue
  • Bowel urgency and Nausea
  • Stress and Emotional Upheaval

About 2 years ago, I found myself seeing my GP with symptoms of Stress, IBS, tiredness & cramps; I would wake up dreading having constipation, diarrhoea or severe stomach pains. If I went out for a meal, sometimes I would have to run to the bathroom half way through the meal, and if I did finish my meal my stomach could be so bloated that I could no longer fasten my trousers. I decided to research Colonic Irrigation on the internet and found The IBS Clinic, and decided it was worth a visit.

I was a little anxious on my first visit, but Mark and Carole quickly made me feel at ease. The Clinic was very welcoming and had an immediate calming influence. Their knowledge and empathy to my problems amazed me and so I decided to embark on a course of Colonics and Food Intolerance and Digestive Health testing and Nutritional Therapy.

Two or three days after my first treatment I felt like a completely different person, it felt as if a heavy cloud had been lifted from me. Two years on I am a regular at the clinic, all my previous symptoms have disappeared, I no longer dread leaving the house in case I don’t make the bathroom, I have lost weight, my skin is clearer, and I have more self confidence. This may sound over the top, but Mark and Carole have completely changed my life for the better. Thank you both so much.

Victoria Bias

With our Gut Transformation Programme we specialise offering you positive solutions to overcome the debilitating symptoms of IBS.

Our Approach To Your Problems

We combine the latest testing with expert nutritional consultants to bring you a truly personalised approach to dealing with your symptoms. IBS is a complex condition that takes years to develop and we don't pretend that we can fix it overnight. That's why we use a process that can take up to 6-8 weeks.

At your first consultation we do three things:

  • First, you are Tested for Food intolerances and food ingredients
  • We then Test for any deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  • You then have a detailed consultation with your Nutritional Consultant based around your Test results and your diet plan is made.
  • Your first stage of Colonics begins (if you choose this option).

Coming out of this session will be a Diet Plan involving changes to what you eat and, if required, supplements (extra) to repair any damage in your digestive system or replace depleted nutrients. We then ask you to return for your second Colonic a week later, and then another week later you have your third Colonic.

At week 4 and the next 1:1 session with the same Nutritional Consultant, the process is as follows:

  • We review progress since your first session
  • Based on your experience we may update your action plan
  • We re-check your Food Tolerances
  • Assess and see if you need further Colonics.

At week 6-8 we ask you to come back for a 45 minute consultation. This enables us to:

  • Fine tune your Diet action plan
  • Advise you about how to deal with certain 'trigger' events and look at causes
  • Review your progress, and re-check food tolerances if needed
  • Assess and see if you need further Colonics.

Our Gut Transformation Programme Costs

This unique and highly personal programme costs £492. Our Special Offer for only £350, SAVING £142.

You receive:

  • Two and a half hours of 1:1 consultation with a qualified Nutritionist
  • Your Own Nutritional Coach available when you need help
  • A Check for Food intolerances
  • A Check for deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes and more
  • A Customised dietary action plan, helping you to know what to eat
  • Four Colonic Hydrotherapy/Irrigation Treatments.

I have suffered IBS for 10 years and have a history of Bowel Cancer in the family. After a course of Colonics and Nutrition my bowel movements are improved and there is a great improvement in my IBS symptoms; I now come every six weeks to keep in good health. The IBS Clinic offer a really friendly service and make you feel comfortable - I would recommend it to anyone who has IBS .

Elizabeth Duncan

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