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November Offers. special-offer-icon-turqoise

November Offers

The Digestive Health Test

This month we have continued to offer this most popular programme: our popular test The Digestive Health Test.

This covers testing for foods, digestive enzymes, gut flora levels, candida and yeast levels.

Normal Cost £140. Special Offer £120.

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November Offers. special-offer-icon-green

The Advanced Plus + Full Body MOT

This month we have our Advanced Plus + Test, which tests for over 320 Foods and much more. It covers testing for Allergies as well as Food Intolerances, Digestive enzymes - in fact a Full Analysis of your Health.

Normal Cost £160. Special Offer £135

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November Offers. special-offer-icon-turqoise

The Gut Transformation /IBS Programme

This month we have our Gut Transformation Programme on Offer, if you want to change your past and look forward to a future free of debilitating Bloating, Irregualr bowel patterns, Wind and low mood, then this Programme is LIFE CHANGING. Are you willing to participate and take the plunge to a new you ?

Includes; 1-1 Nutritional Consultations, Support, X2 Digestive Health Test and re-tests, X4 Colonics + more.

Normal Cost £492 . Special Offer £350 SAVING £142

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